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UPCCC Creative Curriculum


Attending a high quality program prepares kids for kindergarten and beyond.  UPCCC strives to be that high quality program that you are looking for!  In addition to strengthening socialization skills -- how to compromise, be respectful of others and problem-solve -- we provide a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with peers and build confidence through a creative curriculum.


Educators create weekly lessons using the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards to allow the children in their care to explore the classroom and world around them. 

Each week, the children have the opportunity to learn through play with theme-based lesson plans based on the Creative Curriculum methods of teaching.


The Creative Curriculum helps our educators create high-quality programs that meet the unique needs of the children and families that we serve.  The basic framework of the Creative Curriculum follows five components:


-How children develop and learn

-The learning environment

-What children learn

-The teacher's role

-The family's role


The program is divided into two sections:

-Infants and Toddlers

-Preschool and School-Age.

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