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We are thrilled with the teachers and staff at UPCCC! My husband  and I work knowing that our children and I can go to work each day knowing that our children and in the best of hands.  We truly feels like we are apart of “one big family”, the staff LOVE our children and it shows! UPCCC is FANTASTIC! 
- Mark and Stacey Smith
The staff at UPCCC is truly genuine in their love and care for our son. With this being our first child and daycare being a new experience, UPCCC staff made us feel so comfortable and at peace with learning our child in a secure and safe environment.
-  Bryan and Kristen Raught
When we first found out that we were going to have a baby, the first and only place we thought about for childcare was UPCCC. My son has been there for over 2 years and we couldn’t be more impressed.  We love the friendly, compassionate staff and the loving , educational atmosphere that the center provides.  We truly appreciate everything UPCCC does for our family! 
-  Jenn Koetteritz

My 4 year old son asks to go to school.  Sometimes, he asks to skip breakfast so he can get there faster.  That really says something.  He has been at UPCCC for over 4 years and it has been a wonderful experience for us.  What really amazes us when we first toured the facility was that every teacher  knew every student’s name, even when the children weren’t in their classrooms.  That let us know how much they really care about the children. UPCCC is a special place. 


- Ian Walker


The best child care around! Love UPCCC!


– Kara Laubach


Our son attends UPCCC and he looks forward to going there each day.  When I am on site its apparent that the staff is excellent with all of the children and it’s nice to see that the classrooms interact (regardless of age) and everyone knows each other.  Our son comes home learning new things each day and has flourished socially.  We also love the setting of the child care center and there is plenty of space for all of the children to play outside.


- Samantha Alderfer


We have two children attending UPCCC. The staff is amazing!  The communication between staff is the best in the business, from the director to the teachers. My children are happy and love attending school! I highly recommend UPCCC.


-Dyanna Collins


We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our kids to go. Every teacher that our son has is amazing. They love him as we do and knowing that makes us drop him off each day with such comfort and ease. We can’t thank everyone at UPCCC for everything you do for our kids each and everyday. 


– Jake and Lisa Palmer



As a family of a daughter with some special needs, we have watched our daughter flourish since she began attending UPCCC last year. The wonderful staff have always been very nurturing and have gone the extra mile to help our daughter succeed. 


- Cindy Smith


UPCCC  is a very nurturing and caring place to send our children. Our children love going to school which makes life easier. Staff and teachers are friendly and smiling from drop off to pick up. 


- Jenna Klenieski


I am so happy with this daycare!  After looking at over 5 other places, this was the only place I would take my child.   UPCCC is clean, organized, has no clutter or mess and has a wonderful staff! I feel so happy knowing my child is learning and playing all day. 


- Christine Erney


I am very impressed with the staff at UPCCC!  Everyone is very nice and great with the kids. It is a comfort to leave my kids in such  great  care while I am at work. 


- Lynda Bast




1244 St. Paul’s Church Road
Pennsburg, PA 18073

​Tel: 215-679-0221 ext 114​    


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