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4 Years to 5 Years Old


Welcome to Pre-K! You and your child are about to begin a new Pre-K adventure. We hope you are both equally excited!  The following information is being provided to give each family an understanding of the goals that we are hoping to achieve with each child by the end of our year together.


We believe that children learn by doing, experiencing, and interacting with the people and objects in their environment. Each class is original in many ways and yet somewhat similar to a previous group of children.  Each Pre-K child begins the year with his/her own needs, previous accomplishments and personality. By the end of the year, we look for growth and accomplishments.  Each child will still be an individual with his/her own achievements.  Each child will continue to progress at her/her own rate - but growth socially, emotionally and academically is our goal.  Through parent and teacher cooperation, this is possible.


Our Pre-K Program will be attempting to develop:


A child who LISTENS....

  • To directions without interrupting

  • To stories and poems for five to ten minutes without restlessness


A child who HEARS....

  • Words that rhyme

  • Words that begin with the same or different sounds


A child who SEES....

  • Likenesses and differences in pictures and designs

  • Letters and words that match


A child who SPEAKS and can....

  • Stay on topic in class discussions

  • Retell a story or poem in correct sequence

  • Tell a story or relate an experience


A child who THINKS and can....

  • Give unique ideas and important details

  • Give reasons for his/her opinions


A child who ADJUSTS....

  • To changes in routine and to new situations without becoming fearful

  • To opposition or defeat without crying or sulking

  • To the necessity of asking for help when needed


A child who PLAYS....

  • Cooperatively with other children

  • Shares, takes turns, and assumes his/her share of group responsibility

  • Can run, jump, skip, and bounce a ball with dexterity


A child who WORKS....

  • Without being easily distracted

  • Follows directions

  • Completes tasks

  • Takes pride in his/her work


We look forward to a great year together!

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